Kenji Ueda Profile
Born on the 30th of August in 1965 at Hokkaido University Hospital in Sapporo. My father's blood type is A and mother's is B, but my blood typeis O. So, I have no problem at all.
Started to play acoustic guitar at the age of 9. My hobbyhorse was Char's "Kizetsusuruhodo Nayamashii". (I was belong to a Table Tennis Club.)
At the age of 10, I was amazed by watching KISS on TV and converted to electric guitar. And then, went over to bass when I was 12. (Improved my table tennis quite a bit.)
Formed a band at junior high school and became a slave to CAROL and COOLS. I was awakened to punk rock by listening to SEX PISTOLS in the eighth grade and was hooked on Japanese rock as STAR CLUB, ARB, ANARCHY and, ROOSTERS. (In the nineth grade, took the top spot in Hokkido tournament of table tennis as doubles, nevertheless I quitted table tennis.)
After that, entered high school and I dropped out of the school as I did not have luck with that. Then at the age of 18, went up to Tokyo with my senior at the high school who is KENZI. Later, started activities as KENZI AND THE TRIPS.
For many reasons, in 1989 after disbanded, formed THE PILLOWS. (I got beaten by TOMOVSKY and got second place in Radio Bakanaria Table Tennis Tournament.)
In 1992, things led to things again and got out of THE PILLOWS.
Ever after, I have been doing my individual activities. (Sometimes, I play table tennis.)

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